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pretty random! [12-11-04 at 2pm]
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its allways icy here. [12-11-04 at 12pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

i am shivvering. i have a headache. i just ate soem creamed spinach. yum. i am weird. i am crazy. i cant play with the household apliances.

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ooooh survey! [12-11-04 at 10am]
The \\
Last Cigarette:a week ago
Last Alcoholic Drink:september
Last Car Ride:this morning
Last Kiss:october
Last Good Cry:when i watched oprah
Last Library Book:american girl
Last book bought:confessions of a shopoholic
Last Book Read:sisterhood of the jeans
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:incredibles
Last Movie Rented:envy
Last Cuss Word Uttered:shit
Last Beverage Drank:diet coke wit lime
Last Food Consumed:yogurt pretzals
Last Crush:not sayin who...
Last Phone Call:julie and anna three-wayd
Last TV Show Watched:wiggles
Last Time Showered:1hour ago
Last Shoes Worn:etnies
Last CD Played:green day
Last Item Bought:soda
Last Download:im not ok- my chemical romance
Last Annoyance:joey yberra. what more is there to say?
Last Disappointment:tommy can't go to the movies with us possibly!
Last Soda Drank:diet coke wit lime
Last Thing Written:lime
Last Key Used:e
Last Words Spoken:lime
Last Sleep:last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten:pistachio almond
Last Chair Sat In:computer chair...
Last Webpage Visited:livejournal.com/~jae_punk_rocker

hug a drama queen

over it. [12-11-04 at 10am]
[ mood | confused ]

i am sooo over changing my name to caren bonita. it sounds like a mexican hookers name. why dont i be like, god. i dont care. i'll just go by bonnie faye for the rest of my life. i still hate my name. it still is awful. but seriously, what was i thinking? carmen Bonita? i like the cramen but the bonita has to go. i will just be carmen. no last name, no middle name, just carmen. never mind. thats stupid. i'll just be called... bonnie-faye! with the hyphen and all. thats pretty good! yay! bonnie-faye bonnioe fay! whoo!

hug a drama queen

HAHA [12-11-04 at 8am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

i found a free form, all i need is a laywer! yay!i'm soon gonna be named Carmen Bonita LeDoux!

hug a drama queen

HELP! [12-11-04 at 8am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

i need $139 to change my name. i can do it! please donate to the Carmen Bonita LeDoux Fund! so i may change my name! i am gonna look for a cheaper place, even though thats pretty cheap.

hug a drama queen

stuff of hapenin! [12-11-04 at 8am]
[ mood | high ]

i might go see a movie tonight. i might ask tommy to go. he culd be my "date" to the movvies/ julies goin with cranny and anna will possibly go with joey. if anna dosent bring joey, i wont bring tommy. i know how if feels to be the third wheel. i'm eating yogurt pretzals. im at my dad's house alone. he told me i couldnt play with the stove. what did he expect me to do? frolic happily with it? i gotta take a shower before i go to the movies. im gonna wear my vote for pedro shirt. people allways notice me in it. they find it
interesting. i like it. i watched dodgeball and envy last night. hah. the girl scout took steroids. i dont noe what to do. i might listen to some music... or i might... i donno. i'm gonna see how much it costs to change your name. hah! ill keep the bon in the middle name. i will be carmen bonita ledoux! how awesome. what a seroius exoctic name. i will be loved.

hug a drama queen

icq [12-10-04 at 8pm]
we should all get icq accounts... they seem better than aim.... they are free. yay! commet if u with me!
hug a drama queen

uther stuff [12-10-04 at 8pm]
[ mood | ADD ]

i'm downloadin aim for my dad howse. im drinkin lime diet coke! oh yea, my new aim name is soupy cola
i tryed using a red pen as eyeliner... it looks good but it hurt... i dont like the eggos...

hug a drama queen

dinner is served! [12-10-04 at 7pm]
[ mood | amused ]

guess what? i just a squid tentacles. in soup the were good. and i at a mussle and a piece of octopus. now i'm eating my veagan lasagna. yum. one awesome thing about my dads house is the awesome food. i've made sushi with him, made tonds of cookies eatian canned squid and octopus and so much more. he roasts his own coffe beans and then grinds them i love coffee yay!

hug a drama queen

hey u guys [12-10-04 at 7pm]
[ mood | ladadadeedadadeeda... ]

i wasnt supposed to but today i went to isi again. it was fun. i changed my colors! yay! who be likein? i can't go to the dance and noone else is going. tommorow we my go see the grudge, by we probably me anna julie and some others. i tryed on a pair of $110 seven jeans today. they were to small. i need to loose 30 lbs. i'm a fatass. i feel awful now. i'm a retail snob. i like expensive things and i can't help it. god i'm awful. i need a nose job. oh yea! i'm writein my auto biography! yay! it mentions napoleon dynamite! julie is a lazy bum. well bye u guys...

hug a drama queen

im such a copycat... [12-9-04 at 9pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

im copying off of joey... heres my facts of life.
1. julie's alter-ego is anastasia potius hedius- the german street whore.
2. bam margera is the hottest person alive.
3. bonnie is a lame name.
4. fags are cool
3. lesbians are scary
5. preps dont have feelings. its ok to throw rocks at them
6. converse are the best shoes.
7. napoleon dynamite is the bast movie ever.
8. kerry should have one. bush isnt good.
9. anna is the biggest dork. i know this...
10. julie's sister amy looks just like julie.
11. if my name was raquelle, i'd be ghetto.
12. the best italian nachoes are at casa ole'
13. veagans are cool.
14. nuggets are love.
15. its ok to say i love rap and punk rock. believe me... it is.
16. drop it like its hotttt is a cool song and snoopy dizzle is good.
17. gerard is awesome
18. i love ville.
19. being able to pick your religion is good. don't be forced to be something u don't want to be.
20. being open-minded is smart. no matter how much trouble it gets you in.
21. life is a stage. we are all just actors in a giant play... (i think shakespear saisd that)
22. when in doubt, roll a house.
23. when in doubt and your name is julie, say my name is julie
24. being brave is the way to go.
25. stay in school so you can go to college
26. mariage is for everone. not just two people of opposite gender and same race.
27. lifes tough if you choose to make.
28. if all else fails take zoloft.

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awesome poem.... [12-9-04 at 8pm]
oh say can you see,
In our prideful theocracy?
The country where Bush runs wild
Where we save the fetus, and kill the child
How many more soldiers have to face the toil
In Bush’s greedy war for oil?
So now that election 04’ is a thing of the past
Watch all your rights slip away fast
W has showed us that to get past what your daddy considers an obstruction
Bomb it to hell and declare WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION
To Republicans we’re all equal in God’s eyes and ears
Except of course for the women, minorities and queers
WAR! DRAFT! JOB LOSSES! Isn’t this the Republican itch?
“Clinton Lied too! Clinton Lied too!”
Say it with me now
No matter why or how
To vote for Bush is to vote for Hitler - Chants, prejudice, and war
Who knows what the next 4 years have in store?
some person from liberal icons wrote it... it rocks butt
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HATEorade, GAYtorade, and othe buzness.... [12-9-04 at 8pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i finally finished my last day of isi... my neighbors are my enemies. theya re so poor white trash.. tina was callin me profanity. how immature... i miss my friends. i havent talked to them in awhile... my dad orderd my skateboard. me and corey are gonna get matching etnie beanies. were gonna be a "team". yall been drinkin that hateorade is my catch phrase, cept royce's been drinkin that Gaytorade. hes my buddy... i wish my name was carmen, or eliza. or raquelle, or tarlyn (is that even a name?) , or i don't know. i be hatin my name... bonnie... how boring. i think i might change it.. bernice... no... i'll never be taken seriously with a name like bonnie. god... i am gonna change my colors... bye. luvs yall people.

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bad foot [11-29-04 at 5pm]
[ mood | blank ]

i guess i kinda joined this community and gave everyone the wrong impression. i read the rules and i followed them also. i'm really sorry if i did anything wrong. i joined because some friends wanted me too join and i like mcr. they rock. i am not a poser either...

hug a drama queen

my applicatoin! [11-28-04 at 8pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

here ya go!Collapse )

hug a drama queen

stuff [11-28-04 at 9am]
[ mood | julie-ish ]

i ended not goin to the movies. me and caleb just walked around the mall. blade didn't come, when he got back from the skatepark, he was drippin with sweat so he didn't go. amber could'nt come. we had fun. i'm gonna go shopping. funfun!

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shopping [11-26-04 at 12pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

i went xmas shopping with amber and tina. i woke up aty four and we waited outside in the freezing cold to go into target. walmart was crazy. a woman stole somthing from our basket and i got hit in the head. im goin to the movies to night with caleb and blade and possibly amber. might go see the grudge again. way too good. luvs yall bonnie

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urggh [11-25-04 at 9am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

i just messed up my hello kitty bg...

hug a drama queen

like the back gorund? [11-25-04 at 9am]
[ mood | loved ]

i gotta get a new background with me on it... like the hello kitty? nader is love. isnt that fun? i want to go to greece...

hug a drama queen

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