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call me homeslice


23 October
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i am too cool. i made my layout all by myself.
3 doors down, 50cent, 80s flicks, acting, adam brody, adrien brody, adult swim, afi, animal rights, aqua teen hunger force, art, artsy, ashlee simpson, austin powers, bam magera, ben stiller, big and rich, bill oreilly, black eyed peas, blah, blogging, bonnie faye, bowling for soup, breakfast club, carmen sandiego, cell phones, chanel, chingy, church, coconut, comedy, converse, cowboys, crackers, dashboard confessional, dorks, drama, drama queen, evanescence, everything, family guy, ferris buler's day off, friends, futurama, gap, glen coco, goldfish, green day, gucci, guinea pigs, guitars, haiku, hello kitty, home movies, hoobastank, horse back riding, hot topic, humor, i love the 90's, inconsiderate cell phone man, inside jokes, internet, jeremy sumpter, jet, jimmy fallon, john kerry, junie b jones, kelis, kenneth cole, kittens, lacoste, laughing, lesportsac, lil bowwow, lil flip, limbo, lime, linkin park, llamas, lms, louis vuitton, louisiana, ludacris, medication, mission hill, money, mtv, my chemical romance, name changing, napoleon dynamite, new found glory, nifty stuff, nokia, opinions, p.e.t.a, pacsun, penguins, pimp juice, pimpette, ponies, popcorn, prada, princess, puppies, r kelly, ralph lauren, ralph nader, ralphie, rascal, risperdal, roos, royal, ryan cabrerra, sailing, sarcasm, seether, seven jeans, shopping, simple plan, skateboards, snl, snoop dog, south park, strawberry shortcake, stuff, sulphur, sum 41, super milk chan, switchfoot, taco cabana, the fugees, the sims, theater, thirteen, tobelerone, trendy fullham, uggs, usher, vegan, vh1, viva la bam, vogue, volleyball, wildboyz, will ferrell, yay, yellowcard, zebra print, zoloft blob